Spiros Papatheodorou is a largely acclaimed musician with a highly diversified portfolio of sound works, both as a composer but also a jazz piano improviser.

A large part of his music is ideal for film-making. He possesses the required versatility to produce innovative music arrangements that enable  film directors to amplify the sentiments embedded in each video sécance and deliver an unparalleled overall experience on the wide screen.

Spiros Papatheodorou has composed multiple music scores for theatre, film and ballet as well as other experimental forms of art. As a pianist performer he has also collaborated with many famous artists and musicians in Greece, with career backgrounds from a wide spectrum of musical genres..

Το τρειλερ του "κηπου της αθωοτητας".Σημερα στος 9.00.

Δημοσιεύτηκε από Παπαθεοδωρου Σπυρος στις Παρασκευή, 30 Σεπτεμβρίου 2016

His music is a combination of composition and improvisation, making use of harmonic elements, usually found in western classical tradition, jazz, greek folk music and free, on the spot improvisation, sometimes, using minimalism, with esoteric, dreamy rythmes of mood, and some other times using more outward springing, bright mood.
Spiros Papatheodorou holds a honours degree on performing piano and a diploma on harmony-counterpoint and orchestration. Currently he is working as a professional session pianist and composer and teaches  in conservatories in his home country.
His greatest love, though, remains the art of improvisation as best expressed on jazz piano.
Spiros Papatheodorou, as a true virtuoso improviser, is constantly exploring the unlimited potential that the 88 piano keys allow under his fingers that are directly driven by a soul that vibrates with energy and passion.